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So I Got Told To Blog....

I had the great privilege of spending some time with an amazing mind at work just recently. She's known as a data ninja, and if you talk to me, you know I love ninjas. Data is great, ninjas are awesome, so to meet a dead set data ninja made me pretty happy. And it turns out that Pia Andrews is a musician to boot.

I'm pretty easily amused, so impressing me is easy. I don't have any great claims to fame, and on meeting Pia, she was kind, genuine and present. All the things that make you want to learn some things, and go out and do them.

And that leads me here. I asked whether I should post things to my LlinkedIn page ( and she said, why not blog about it then cross post to other platforms. She was right about so many things that day that I figured, why not have a crack at it. So here we are. When I get time, I'll dive more into the work we did with Pia, but for now, go check her out. She's a weirdly amazing person that truly believes in what she's doing which is something I always admire. Now to think of other blog stuff.....


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