My name's Pete.....

I'm a 43 year old Business Improvement Specialist, currently working for the City Of Ballarat. I do Lean Six Sigma stuff, I talk to people, I listen to people and I do stuff with computers....and stuff. 
I am married to a beautiful woman who honestly, should not tolerate my truly random rambling and incoherent theories on the world (along with my complete financial incompetence around toys), but she loves me and I love her so here we are.

We have 3 kids. They are so humbling that I find it hard to write about them because they constantly amaze me. My eldest son, Miles, is 7. At the moment he loves volcanoes, riding bikes, watches, clocks, timers, washing machines, clothes dryers...Miles has also been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), High Functioning Level 2.


James is 5 years old and an honest to God rockstar! He was riding a balance bike at 12 months old, pedal bike (never had training wheels) by 2.5 and big brothers 20" mountain bike at 3.5 years old. He is physically gifted with sports and smart as a whip.


And then we have my beautiful little Eva. She had a little uphill battle to begin with immature hips. She started off life in a hip brace and we're hoping, real soon that it will be gone forever. She is determined, funny, clever and charming - and only 1 year old.


I have hobbies, but I'm sure I'll be writing about them so they can be summed up with:  


  • mountain bikes

  • cameras and photography

  • guitars and music production

  • investing and finance