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Singer. songwriter, and guitarist, Pete Donohue has been playing music since the age of 5. Blending blues, rock, soul, and fusion he is not bound by musical genres, but empowered by them to create his own distinct and emotive sounds.

Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Pete was classically trained in piano, clarinet, and violin, but after hearing the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Geoff Achison, and Chris Wilson, his course would forever turn to guitar. As a teenager in the 90s, he was exposed to grunge, rock, and hip hop, but his real passion lay with John Lee Hooker and Dutch Tilders. 

A move to Ballarat saw Pete host the incredibly successful Sturt St Blues Sunday Jam, and play successfully for 6 years with the dynamic crowd favourite band, Into The Black. The band played all across Eastern Australia, with highlights at the Queenscliff Music Festival and the world-famous Blues Train. Into The Black released two self-produced albums, Gettin High On The Blues and Alive @ Sturt St but with the passing of Pete's great friend, musical mentor, and drummer, Jac Kreemers, the band wound up.

At the same time, Pete was also in demand as a guitar player, playing with many local bands including Mad Cow, Peaches & Cream, The Milkman's Children and Blank Canvas. And if that wasn't enough, when he wasn't booked he played solo acoustic shows.

And then he stopped.....

Tired of gigging, and with 3 small children, Pete quit live music and retreated into his makeshift home studio and started working on demos. Over then next 7 years he wrote countless songs in all genres, experimented with sampling and remixing, and it was in this space he found his own, unique sound, the sound you will hear on his debut single, The Weight On My Shoulders.  


It's not like anything you've hear before, it's 


...a new kind of blues.....

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