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Review: The Teskey Brothers - Half Mile Harvest (Deluxe)

What an amazing album!

"You're just plain mean to me woman..." - What an opening line for one of the most incredible albums I have heard in a long time. This album bounces from meandering feeling tracks like "Crying Shame" right through to dirty, midnight, bourbon soaked blues on "Hard Feeling".

Josh Teskeys voice is strong, confident and full of dust bowl gravel, but can also be soft, tender and warm. The lyrical content is sometimes predictable with stories of love, loss and desperation, but delivered in a way that makes you believe what he's preaching.

In guitar circles, where great technical players are a dime a dozen, true feel players like Sam Teskey are a rare gem. He delivers his message through his divine note selection, space and timing, with sublime patience, a virtue often missing from mainstream guitar players. This restraint is so superbly stated in "Say You'll Do" - it must be 2am and raining somewhere! He also seems to be more than comfortable playing across styles including slide which is such a cool thing to hear in 2021

Brendon Love (bass) and Liam Gough (drums) hold a beautiful, understated role supporting the Teskey front men and they do it with super style that sounds effortless. On tracks like "Shiny Moon" the addition of percussion elements harks back to an Allman Brothers sound.

I really can't express what a revelation the Teskey Brothers have been and I can't wait to buy, and review more of their work.

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