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NYE 2019

Every year on New Years Eve I take a selfie and write a few notes out to social media world. Figured you could read them too :)

Ten things I learnt in 2019:

1. For some strange reason, my children still love me, even when I let them down 2. The opposite of a smile doesn’t have to be a frown 3. Some people think the Earth is flat, but I think it’s round 4. The greatest music is emotion captured as sound 5. I have been given more than I need, so my need is now to give 6. I miss my Nanna, but what a life to live 7. Work is what I do between weekends but the people make it cool 8. If a fool’s gold is their gold, maybe I should be a fool 9. It’s more important to some to be careful than to be kind 10. Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind 11. I’d write a haiku, but I’d run out of time 12. Oh shit that’s 12 - and I got a new hat....


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