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NYE 2018

Every year on New Years Eve I take a selfie and write a few notes out to social media world. Figured you could read them too :)

In 2018 I got a new hat...

I got to be a Dad to a new little girl

I got to love my boys who are my world

I got to love my wife

I got some time to ride my bike

I quit a job that killed me

I got a job that thrilled me

I met new people, and reconnected with old

I cried for the news I was told

I got to try, only to fail

I got to blaze my own trail

I got the chance to be a has been

Like I might have been in 2017

But 2018 got me right between the eyes

It raised me up and cut me down to size

But after all is said and done and we know that's that

In 2018 I got a new hat


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