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NYE 2017

Every year on New Years Eve I take a selfie and write a few notes out to social media world. Figured you could read them too :)

Hey 2017, unlike all the people giving you a heap of shit, I actually had a pretty amazing year: -Welcomed my beautiful niece, Iluka, into the world - Made redundant, got a better job - Miles smashed kinder - James pedalled his first bike - I took up a new sport, and I don't think I can put it down! - I met: Shane Pearce Craig Moorey Alex Ferguson Malory Jayne Matthew Hyland Nico Robertson Luke Barlow Andrew Barlow Simon Wallis Angus Faull Harrison Kulinski Graeme Coutts Lachlan Fry Cass Trent Johnston Travis Leigh Imogene van der Hulst and a ridiculous cast of people that make up the mountain bike scene in Ballarat. Awesome people that have encouraged me to fall over and over - and filmed it! -Reaffirmed just how much I love Sarah Donohue - she puts up with a lot of bikes in the lounge room! -Wrote a bunch of songs that may or may not see the light of day -Finally admitted that my attempt at a moustache will never join forces with my attempt at a beard.

Basically, shit happens, but I'm so happy to be above ground and surrounded by the best people on Earth


P.S. New Years Eve selfies are hard!!!

I almost got wrapped up - but Daniel Brooks photography is amazing! If you don't know it, well I've tagged him so get clicking!


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